Youth Film Camp

About the qathet youth film camp

As part of our dedication to developing media literacy skills in youth,  we have a separate Youth Film Camp, planned for August 2023.

The components of our Youth Festival include:

  • Youth Camp Thursday evening  to Sunday morning,
  • Family oriented screenings at the Patricia
  • Elementary school screenings at the Patricia (small screenings with cohorts only)
Our Youth Camp (now in its 14th year) has a long history of receiving strong support from Rotary Clubs in the region. With an eye towards increasing diversity at our camp this year, we are reaching out to Indigenous communities and English language educators for participants. We believe that increasing diversity in the student contingent will further the learning experience and help build better understanding and communication.

With the creation of a separate Youth Program, we will introduce Family-oriented screenings. These films will be screened at the Patricia Theatre with all COVID-19 Safety Guidelines in place.  Youth, their parents, and caregivers can experience and discuss quality films together. Films will be accompanied by panel discussions and director talks wherever possible.

Our youth programs promote media literacy, skills development, an appreciation of cinema, and an awareness of community issues such as social justice, sustainability and personal responsibility.

Providing a ‘window’ into the broader world is at the core of our Youth-focused activities. Film is a great story-telling medium, and the films produced by our Adventures in Film Camp participants are a testament to the enabling aspects of film collaboration. The film camp is equally divided between Powell River Digital Film School (PRDFS) students and participants from outside of Powell River.

Tony Papa, director of the PRDFS, on our collaboration: “We have worked together with the Film Festival for the past 12 years and can attest to the value and impact the festival has on our youth, from the Adventures in Film Camp to the inclusive screenings and workshops available to them…”

Film plays an important role not only in student literacy, but also in life learning, and career opportunities. Many of the students involved in the Festival and the PRDFS go on to further education and employment in film.

Participant Michael Stevantoni describes it as a “transformative experience, which not only allowed me to begin thinking of filmmaking as a career but also allowed me to develop life skills which can be applied to almost every aspect of my life.”
Michael Stevantoni

The Youth Film Camp gratefully acknowledges the support of School District 47, Powell River Digital Film School, and the Powell River Rotary Club.

Film Camp Films 2022

Chicken Waffles and Ghosts

2022 Film Camp

Mentor Peter Harvey.

Crew: Xander Longstaffe, Ceiba Borrego-Brown, Frankie Calder Williams, Ryan Male, Daniel Wang, Eva Maloney, Mexx Nairn

Ghosts of the Old Courthouse Inn

2022 Film Camp

Mentor Erik Paulsson.

Crew: Neo Nairn, Alma MacRae, Makayla Mansell-White, Jervis Tebbutt, Lucy Wegner


2022 Film Camp

Mentor Tony Papa.

Crew: Macy Barcelonne, Samantha Ratzlaff, Wrenwin Angell, Iloha Dupond-Fukumaru, Madyx Whiteway

Wishing Well

2022 Film Camp

Mentor Eileen Francis.

Crew: Wilder Angell, Bowie Wilson-Tilberg, Peter Cameron, Menat’they Pechawis Blaney, Malcolm Rosenfeld

Rainbow Language

2022 Film Camp

Mentor Claudia Medina.

Crew: Grayson Wilson-Tilberg, Rupert Thoms, Sparrow Doherty, Zevkiah Politylo, Maya Rodriguez,