Stories at The Pat

Stories at The Pat

Do you remember the first movie you saw at the Patricia Theatre, or maybe you worked here when you were young? We want to preserve the stories of our wonderful theatre for years to come, and we’d love for you to help us!


Three ways to participate:

  • Submit a video of yourself telling your stories about the Patricia (see our tips below)
  • Contact us to make an appointment to come to the Theatre and we’ll video record you telling your story (contact form below)
  • Submit an audio recording of yourself telling your story along with a photograph of yourself

When you send in your story, let us know if you’re comfortable with it being shared publicly (ie on our website, etc) or if you’d prefer it be kept private within the Patricia Theatre archives. We would love to be able to share stories with the community, but we’ll honour your request to keep it private if that’s your preference.


Tips for recording your story:

  • For videorecording, set up your phone/camera horizontally (not vertically)
  • Make sure you’re in a quiet space without too much background noise, so that we can hear you clearly
  • It’s best to be near a window or outdoors for that beautiful natural light (remember not to film against the light or we won’t be able to see you!)
  • Start your story by introducing yourself, and give us a reference point for when your story happened – what year, or how old you were at the time.
  • If you’d like to record at the theatre, contact us and we’ll make an appointment to meet you there


Written stories

Stories often feel more personal when we can see or hear the person telling them, but if you’re really uncomfortable recording yourself, we don’t want to miss out on your memories – you can send us your story in written form!


Contact us

We look forward to hearing your memories of our sweet historic Patricia Theatre! Please email submissions, questions and appointment requests to, or use the form below.

Stories at The Pat contact form

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