November 10 – 14

She Came to Me

November 10 – 14

7:00 pm Nightly
1:30 pm Matinee Sunday

Romantic Comedy
Rated PG — 1 hr 42 min

In She Came to Me, Peter Dinklage leads sparklingly convoluted romantic comedy. Dinklage plays a composer who writes an opera about his affair with tugboat captain Marisa Tomei, in a comedy from Rebecca Miller that has something of Normal People There’s a sprightly sort of sweetness and preposterous innocence to this quirky-naive romantic comedy that Rebecca Miller has written and directed – something with wit and fun but also ultimately an almost childlike seriousness – like a Woody Allen movie or a screwball but played at two-thirds of the speed and with fewer cynical wisecracks. The excellent cast brings a bubbly sparkle to the screen.

This screwball-tinged story tells the tale of disparate New Yorkers and their search for creative inspiration, spiritual fulfillment, happiness and love. Writer-director Miller threads the fanciful story with a vein of operatic magic, screwball comedy and a hint of the absurd, alongside more serious dramatic concerns stemming from a threat to the future of a teenage couple in love. It’s a truly modern romantic comedy, a multi-generational love story set against the iconic backdrop of New York.

A composer suffering from creative block finds inspiration after a chance encounter with an unusual woman, a couple of bright teenagers fight to prove to their parents that young love can last forever, and for a successful therapist who seemingly has it all, love arrives in the most unexpected of ways. Beautifully performed and directed with great charm, unexpected wisdom, and sweetness, Marissa Tomei is absolutely stunning in this. The set-up could work as farce or tragedy, but improbably, it lightly balances between these extremes. She Came to Me is beautifully performed and directed with great charm, unexpected wisdom, and sweetness.

Written and Directed by:
Rebecca Mille

Peter Dinklage, Marisa Tomei, Joanna Kulig, Brian d’Arcy James, and Anne Hathaway