May 7 – 9

Jesus Revolution

Matinee May 7 @ 1:30 pm ONLY

May 8 & 9 @ 7 pm

Rated 14A — 2 hr
Christian Drama

The Jesus Movement was one of the most pivotal events of the 20th century, leaving an undeniable imprint on culture, music and most notably, the Church and evangelism. But it hasn’t been at the forefront of film and movies — until now. Jesus Revolution is based on the true the story of one young hippie’s quest in the 1970s for belonging and liberation that leads not only to peace, love, and rock and roll, but that sets into motion a new counterculture crusade and changing the course of history.

Before there were mega-churches the size of sports arenas preaching prosperity and weight loss, back in the era of hippies and Woodstock and peace signs, there were people known as “Jesus freaks.” The generation that rebelled against the military-industrial complex, commercialism, their parents, and pretty much everything, included a sub-group who became passionate Christians.

This inspirational take on a Southern California ministry’s eventually far-reaching impact is one of the most appealing faith-based big-screen entertainments in a while, with elements of the Gospel, faith, and forgiveness are sprinkled throughout. But there is no straightforward message of Salvation or alter call at the end. It’s simply the story of the beginning of pastors Chuck Smith and Greg Laurie and their ministries of Calvary Chapel and Harvest Christian Fellowship. It’s also a story of changed lives

Ultimately, Jesus Revolution is a movie about Jesus; about how even in the darkest of times, He’s moving; working within hearts and minds to provide hope and true freedom. At a time of societal unrest and confusion that mirrors the ’60s and ’70s, Jesus Revolution provides a much-needed jolt of hope.

Jon Erwin and Brent McCorkle

Joel Courtney, Jonathan Roumie, Kelsey Grammer, Anna Grace Barlow and Kimberly Williams-Paisley