Special 2 week Engagement for the grand reopening!

Inside Out 2

July 12 – 23

Closed Wednesdays & Thursdays

7 pm nightly
1:30 Saturday & Sunday Matinées
2024 – Family / Comedy
G — 1h 36m

Inside Out 2 revives the old Pixar magic and doesn’t fall into the usual sequel traps of piling on more of the same thing the original was doing, just bigger, louder, and with extra emphasis on whatever fans loved most vocally the first time out. It authentically forwards the story of Inside Out’s Riley Andersen, giving her new problems to face both internally and externally, and finding clever ways to expand the innovative metaphorical language from the original movie.

Like the best Pixar films, Inside Out 2 makes the actual emotions palpable and painful, in ways that go beyond most kid-friendly animated movies. Riley’s anxiety and desire to be liked, her guilt over her interactions with her friends, her fear of the future and of not being good enough for the team — they all play out vividly on her face, not just in the complicated, character-packed, symbolic world in her head. If anything, she feels more like a real, developed person in this sequel than she did throughout most of Inside Out, up to the film’s memorable finale.

Anxiety meets Joy in Pixar’s charming sequel to its innovative 2015 hit. Sadness is around, too, as are Fear and Disgust. Powered by an aching core of emotion, the film still manages to be a wondrous distillation of the overwhelming angst, incredible solitude, and difficult changes many teenagers are going through. It can be enjoyed by children and adults alike and will no doubt spark interesting conversations among viewers who have been through similar situations. The new movie earns its place in the Pixar pantheon with its creativity, its craft, and its heartfelt writing.

Directed by :
Kelsey Mann

Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black, Diane Lane, and Kyle MacLachlan reprise their roles from the first film, with Maya Hawke, Kensington Tallman, Tony Hale, Liza Lapira, Ayo Edebiri, Lilimar, Grace Lu, Sumayyah Nuriddin-Green, Adèle Exarchopoulos, and Paul Walter Hauser joining the cast.