A Mad Max Saga

May 24 – 28

7 pm nightly
1:30 Sunday Matinée
2024 ‧ Action / Adventure
14A – 2h 27m

Furiosa is myth-making at its finest… a powerful, moving, gritty tale of revenge in the middle of a world gone wild. A phenomenal, powerful shift in approach from Fury Road that continues to prove Miller is the master of the modern myth. This film is here to give you more: more gravity-defying chases, more high-flying stunts, more deeply felt pathos, and, somehow, an even greater spirit to push the limits of what the frame can hold—employing Christian iconography and Arthurian legend to craft an entrancing story that still manages to surprise, even if we already know of the bleak future its guiding us toward. It’s simply one of the best prequels ever made.

Survival of the fittest is the law of the Wasteland, though no Mad Max movie has expressed it as poignantly as Furiosa. Through the capability and strength Miller gives the future imperator, there’s no denying she’s both mentally and physically equipped for the worst of struggles. Both the confidence Taylor-Joy projects and the way Miller chooses to frame his star – with a focus on her strong, unflinching gaze – give us the sense that she’s accustomed to the harsh ways of the new world (even if she longs for the old one she was ripped from). Building on Charlize Theron’s quiet, contemplative turn as Furiosa in Fury Road, Taylor-Joy burns as bright as the desert sun in a nearly wordless role.

With a ferocious and savage heart, George Miller’s film takes flight into epic status. Weaving together top-notch worldbuilding, an emotionally resonant directorial eye, searing performances, sharp cinematography, and a hell-raising score, this is a remarkable hero’s journey punctuated by incredible action scenes and an utterly stunning reflection on life and love prevailing beyond the fall of civilization. This is a big, entertaining popcorn movie, told with a sense of adventure and play. Miller isn’t here for tawdry melodrama, algorithmic plotting, or art designed for the small screen. “Furiosa” aims to blow you away. And it does. To Valhalla and beyond.

Directed by:
George Miller,

Anya Taylor-Joy as the title character Imperator Furiosa, with Chris Hemsworth and Tom Burke also starring.