Opening Party
March 3rd 6pm

Auditorium naming ceremony with Tla’amin Spirit Singers and with special guests KWAST-en-ayu (L. Maynard Harry), Stewart Alsgard and MP Rachel Blaney


Fri March 3 — 7 pm

Special guest director Jason James

Sun March 12 — 1:30 pm

Rush Seats Only

1hr 33 min
Not rated/18+

Filmed on location in qathet Regional District, this is a heartfelt movie about trying to reform and atone for your mistakes. Ted is a man who is just getting out of prison for killing a family in a DUI incident. He receives a threat from the man whose family he accidentally killed to the effect that if Ted tries to reunite with his own family, they will be killed in retaliation for the crime Ted committed.

Tormented by grief, Ted decides to exile himself and lead a reclusive life. His wife Sara (Camille Sullivan), however, is having none of that. She manages to track down Ted, and finds a man more broken than she had imagined. This is an elevated thriller, in which the natural beauty of the BC countryside is a palpable presence in the story. Adam Beach, best known for his performances in such big US titles as Flags Of Our Fathers, Windtalkers, and Power Of The Dog gives the finest performance of his life, as Ted, a man who desperately needs some form of redemption.

“Nature and Environment are an important element to this story, not only the setting where we shot the film – but I keep coming back to this idea of ‘wild’ in this film. ‘Wild’ is something that lives underneath each of these characters, it’s the force that motivates them to make their choices and actions. It’s that intangible thing inside all of us… ‘Wild’ can also be manifested through natural images of waves crashing against the rocks, a wolf tearing apart the carcass of a dead dog, the foreboding forest at night, beautiful sun flares, abstract reflections on water, and the beauty and harshness of the rugged pacific coastline.” Jason James, Director.

Jason James

Adam Beach, Camille Sullivan, Garry Chalk, Marshall Williams, Teagan Vincze, Frances Flanagan

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