thursday February 15 — ONE DAY ONLY

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February 15 ONLY

7:00 pm

2022 ‧ Thriller
PG — 1h 36m

Filmed on location in qathet Regional District, Exile is a heartfelt movie about trying to reform and atone for your mistakes. Ted is a man who is just getting out of prison for killing a family in a DUI incident. He receives a threat from the man whose family he accidentally killed to the effect that if Ted tries to reunite with his own family, they will be killed in retaliation for the crime Ted committed.

Just prior to his release from prison, Ted Evans receives a threat from the man whose family he killed in a DUI — ‘if you make contact with your family, I’ll kill them’. Believing that the danger is real, Ted exiles himself to a reclusive life to protect his family. However, Ted’s wife knows the threat is merely a manifestation of her husband’s profound guilt. Determined to rebuild their family, Sara tracks Ted down to confront him with hard evidence that the threat is imagined. But Sara has no idea just how unhinged Ted has become — or how real the threat may be after all.

The region’s landscape is a character in the story here too. Beautiful and isolating, the cinematography by Stirling Bancroft contributes to the moody atmosphere, which only serves to heighten the thriller elements of the story. Exile explores themes of redemption, forgiveness, and justice by filtering them through one man’s paranoia, creating a worthwhile Canadian thriller in the process.

Jason James

Adam Beach, Camille Sullivan, Garry Chalk, Marshall Williams, Teagan Vincze, Frances Flanagan

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